The following article is an attempt of foreword for a photography book project on which I have been working for the last ten years. I would appreciate any help in refining it.

Like Ulysses, I was very excited, at 25, to travel in South-East Asia. During that odyssey, I made numerous exotic encounters and, unlike the Greek Mythological hero, I gladly succumbed to the spell of the far away sirens.

Years later, I remembered the pleasure felt during this first journey. The charming naive women with sensual almond-shaped eyes, long and soft hair, and chocolate perfumed skin carried my fantasy towards a visual world almost unexplored.

Beauty was everywhere around me. I wrenched my neck multiple times trying to catch it all. I was going mad and, perfectionist that I was, I couldn’t stop depicting in every detail that Eden that made me dream, yet was real.

South-East Asia, with its exoticism and its voluptuous island cultures connected to Mother Nature, had become a Paradise for me. And travelling through the jewel, I found myself nose to nose with the sirens depicted in this work. I had challenged these sirens to transform themselves into muses.

My aim in this project is to honor the South-East Asian women’s sensuality, charming and radiant as they are. These photographs attempt to catch the very instant when these beauties forget that they are posing, allowing the spark that reveals their person. That is the true quality that I’m looking for. I have concentrated on describing this truth, unique for each model, by a gesture, a look, an emotion. And in these movements I aspired to show the very instant where intense divine beauty unfolds itself.

The theme of sensuality was the main criteria when collaborating with my models. I had to be sure that we were on the same artistic wave. In fact, they had to understand exactly how my exploration of their femininity & sensuality through images aimed to celebrate ultimate beauty.

In addition, this book is an effort to transpose my passion, my dreams and my fantasies.

“Sirens” is especially a desire to share my work with epicureans who can appreciate all forms of beauty and why not share my passion for that part of the world that is still unknown to the general public?

I also wish to express my gratitude to my friend Peter Godwin – well known for one of his videos «Images of Heaven », produced in the 1980s (of course I’m one of his greatest fans). He graciously accepted to let me include 25 of his songs/poems to enhance the admiration that we, men, have towards those naturally beautiful women.

Hoping that this work will inspire you on a dreamlike and voluptuous odyssey during which you won’t hear the warnings of the goddess Circe against the sirens’ power of seduction. May you succumb to the temptation of their sublime lyrics written by Peter.

Sensually yours,

Dominic C

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