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My Sensual Models

Models who accept posing naked and sensual in front of my camera are obviously the creation process’ main parts, and I must admit some of them inspire me better than others. It’s actually about building a subtle artistic alchemy between them & I, and I’ve become more and more selective through years.
As explained in an interview that was posted in 2014, the main model selection criterion is the ‘communion of thoughts: I must feel that my models and I are on the same artistic wavelength. They must understand exactly that my exploration – by image – of their femininity and sensuality aims essentially to the celebration of ultimate beauty.
My muses must also be photogenic but it’s not an absolute requirement. That is why I often turn to young women who are not professional models, as long as they feel like putting forward their shapes, their charm, their deep inner soul…
This article therefore aims at paying tribute to these sensual models, and I thank you in advance for reading some of them ’s feedback on our collaboration.
I have to admit that working with Dominic was my first time modeling. I was given the opportunity to work with him even though I had no experience. I’d never worked as a professional model before Dominic hired me. Even as my first time modeling, Dominic has been the most understanding, and assisted me to overcome my shyness. At that time, I had just been through a difficult phase in my life and with it my confidence plummeted. If there was any experience I’ve gained during my time working with him, it was that he helped me to see what I should see in me. I think I then felt more complete and pretty. These are feelings that I had completely lost since the failure of my marriage. I was a tad overweight and becoming more secluded, but Dominic helped me understand that my figure was never the issue. What Dominic captures in his works isn’t always your standard beauty; he also captures the life of every woman that he works with. I saw that not only when he worked with me, but also with the other models. Before working with him, I would be too ‘traditional’ to think about sensuality but now I see sensuality, eroticism and sexiness as the most pure and honest aspect of arts. I definitely think gestures are what made us, Asian women, sensual and feminine.
I posed in the nude for the first time with Dominic C, because I wanted to challenge myself, to explore my limits. I actually felt excited both during the test and actual shoots! And, afterwards, I felt more feminine and started to love myself better. Dominic C is a professional photographer, a perfectionist, who manages to reveal women’s true beauty.
I posed naked for Dominic without having any prior experience working with him. I did so because I felt comfortable with my body and I figured the best time to do it was while I’m still young. I was more relaxed in the actual shoot than the test-shoot as that was my first time posing in the nude. I then felt a little more liberated with myself and my body. I did feel somewhat more feminine as well as the photos focused on sensuality and accentuating a woman’s curves. I think Dominic C is very professional and a great photographer. He made me feel at ease with myself and was a good person to work with. I love the idea of being immortalized as a piece of art or art piece. I think ultimately beauty comes down to confidence and being comfortable with one’s self. And I believe Dominic managed to shape my beauty and femininity. I feel like the female body is a work of art in its own and should not be shamed for or hidden. With Dominic, I also realized that, despite the full frontal nudity, his work is not pornography. Whereas other photographers can turn it into pornography with their photography style, Dominic C’s work is full on sensuality and sexiness in my opinion. The ultimate definition of sensuality, femininity and seduction all come down to one thing, eventually, and it is self-confidence. A beautiful and intelligent mind is another thing that I feel like one has to have in order to possess the qualities of being sensual and seductive. One cannot have either of these qualities without confidence and intelligence. I do feel beautiful, voluptuous and gorgeous although I have my days where I feel absolutely hideous too. Lol
I posed naked for Dominic C, because I thought he was the right person to work with for nude Asian artistic photos, showing sensuality and femininity. I knew him very well, felt comfortable with him and thought that his works was fantastic, so I decided to do it. I then could find myself and realized more about who I am, my shapes, my inner self and everything that I didn’t see in myself before. That gave me more self-confidence. I think Dominic C is a great person. He knows well how to explore a woman’s sensuality and femininity. Sensuality, femininity and seduction are just the reflections of a woman who thinks positive.
I like Dominic’s artwork on female body. Every photo he captures is sensual, emotive and classy. I like his exquisite taste and passion in photography. That’s why I accepted to do a project with him. Working with Dominic is fun and relaxed; he encourages and motivates the model to bring out her best during the shoot. He brings out your confidence, femininity, sexiness and the beauty from within your soul. It’s very comfortable working with him. I’ve also learned many things working with Dominic. There were things that I thought I could never do in a shoot, maybe because I didn’t have enough self-confidence. But with Dominic, nothing is impossible, for him it’s not impossible to create those wonderful photos. Dominic C is a very creative and spontaneous person. His creative ideas are never ending during the shoot. He is funny and very professional to work with. His passion in photography has brought his work at a world-class level. His ideas are unique, his work is absolutely stunning. His work speaks for himself. He is one of the greatest photographers that I ever worked with. He is highly recommended. Every woman is beautiful, every woman has its own unique beauty and sexiness, and that’s what’s great about Dominic: he can reveal your inner beauty. He can bring out the sexiness, the beauty of women no matter what color, shape or size they are. I’m also a creative and artistic person. I’m passionate doing creative and artistic photographs. I believe that a woman’s body is God’s work of art. It’s not all about displaying my naked body in front of the camera, but my perspective is far more than that. I always appreciate the outcome of the shoot and look at those wonderful photos that were captured by the camera. The feeling of satisfaction, the feeling of feeding the creative mind and execute the creative juices flowing in my head, that’s what make me feel great. I don’t enjoy being naked with random people, and it’s even not really a fantasy. But what I enjoy the most is when I’m going to create some wonderful photos and work with creative and genius people in a photo shoot, nudity doesn’t matter to me at all. What matters the most to me is that we all have the same goal, create, execute and shoot. Pornography for me is explicit; it’s a work expressing nudity and intercourse without execution of any art form. Sensuality is emotive, artsy, and it expresses someone’s inner feelings deep from the soul. All women have different physical features and beauty. If a woman is comfortable with her body, and if she is contented of everything she has, confidence will follow. For me, one word can define what sensuality, femininity and seduction mean: “Self confidence.” If you have this, you can show how sensual you are, you can show your femininity to the world and last, will not be afraid to seduce and express your inner feelings. All of these are a woman’s powerful feeling deep inside her heart. I’m confident and I love my body, that’s the reason I can say I’m beautiful. I’m beautiful in my own way.
I accepted to pose naked for Dominic C, because I had a good feeling with him, and because I felt a kind of chemistry too! I actually felt comfortable. After the shoot, I felt more mature, more confident, more feminine, and proud with my skin & body. I indeed started to accept myself better and felt more beautiful in all its ways. Dominic C is very professional: he sees women in their true beauty. He’s also a good friend, a good listener. He talks positive and encourage his models to explore/find themselves further.
I posed naked for the very first time with Dominic C. I accepted Dominic’s offer, because he has a presence that inspires trust and comfort. He is the type of person that with his camera, even if you are as mamma made you, he can make you feel dressed! Dressed with sensuality, confidence in him and more important in you! During the photo-shoot I felt free, no binderies, no shame. It was just ART. When you take the decision to go naked, it is not like taking the decision to buy milk! You need first of all to answer the questions: “Why should I do it? Do I have enough confidence to show all of me? Will this change me?” Well, until I met Dominic, I never actually thought about going naked, but he made me feel so natural, so woman! After this experience I realized that I was not a girl anymore… It was the moment when I become aware about who and what I really am: a sensual, feminine, mature WOMAN. When you look in the mirror you don’t actually see all of you, but when you see yourself through somebody else’s eyes, well, that’s a life changer! To talk about Dominic as the photographer, the man and the guy who tried to reveal all your inner beauty, we would need days. The complexity of his character can be overwhelming. As a photographer, I admire the fact that he manages to see all your little secrets. He waits, patiently, to catch your sensuality, your beauty and why not, a piece of your soul! From the moment he has a camera in his hands, he transforms himself! The professionalism is tangible! You are not a naked woman in front of his camera! YOU ARE ART! Dominic’s photographic work is all about pure SENSUALITY! It’s not about a picture of a breast or of your intimate parts! He is always guiding you to poses that reveal your femininity, your elegance and not your vulgarity! I learned that there is so much stories behind every inch of you… As a man, he’s complicated and yet simple! He knows what he wants and he goes for it, he might seem a cold person, but actually is quite the opposite! Sensuality is all about attitude! If you are aware of who you are, if you are confident, YOU are sensual and feminine! The way you move your body, the way you smile, the way you talk says a lot about you as a woman! If you are a WOMAN you know that you don’t have to show as much as possible of your body to seduce! When you go naked for a photo-shoot, you don’t do it with the thought that 1 million guys will go with your picture in the bathroom and this makes you feel a woman! Damn NO! You do it for YOU! You do it to discover who you are and all this is possible if you choose the right photographer! I say the RIGHT one, because he has to know how to bring out the WOMAN in you! And YES! Dominic C is one of the right ones!
I agreed to pose naked for Dominic C, because I loved his portfolio! I love how he captures beauty. My instinct told me that I could trust him. Actually, before deciding to work with a photographer, I always google his name or ask other photographers or models about his reputation. Regarding Dominic, I visited his FB page, asked about him to 2 of my model friends who had posed for him and they recommended him to me. After the shoot, I felt freer, sexier without feeling cheap, and without decreasing my value as a woman. I just felt free and confident, safe too. I didn’t feel awkward at all during the shoot. I mean I didn’t have to feel shy as I could go around naked without worrying somebody will rape or talk about me. Actually, sometimes I feel insecure about my body, too skinny, no boobs. I don’t like when people talk about my body but when I’m shooting I don’t feel insecure at all, I feel confident. And, I remembered that Dominic said he picked girls who had their own characteristics. And every girl has her own beauty with her own characteristics. Therefore, after the shoot with Dominic, I felt exotic and free. I loved my body with its plus and minus. As a photographer Dominic C is very professional and has a good attitude. He’s a nice person, makes me feel free and relaxed so I can concentrate on showing my ultimate beauty. Dominic is one of my favorite photographers, because of his attitude, his respect for his models. I like him as a glamour photographer and as a good friend. He helped me explore my sense of beauty and sexiness when my mood was down. He found the right words to make me feel safe, secure and confident. Sensuality for me is like making love only by staring, touching, smelling. Sexuality means having sexual feelings and attraction to other people. Eroticism is more like strong sexual desire and sensitivity to sexual stimulation. And pornography is like showing sexual organs or scenes of extreme fantasies. I don’t pose as a nude model for the money. It’s just because I like displaying parts of my body, especially my bum, neck & legs… I also want to tell people that all women are not perfect but there’s something beautiful in each of them although many of them are too shy to display it.
I posed naked for the first time with Dominic C. I didn’t feel nervous, but the open space made me feel a bit shy. At the same time, I felt some kind of excitment too. At that time, I really wanted to have a great art nude shoot of my own. And Dominic re-assured me with his words during the test-shoot. Dominic C is a nice guy who helps you explore the beauty inside and outside of yourself. It’s great to work with him. I’m always amazed by his tastes. For me, the definitions of sensuality, femininity, and seduction not only can be seen in the picture but more in the character when you talk to a person.
I indeed posed naked for the very first time with Dominic C, because I wanted to try to pose nude and because he’s such a good photographer. At the beginning of the shooting, I felt nervous but Dom and the team brought more energy to the set to make me feel comfortable and enjoy the session. I loved it! Afterwards, I felt freer and sexier because, during the shoot, Dom and the team tried to explore and bring out my sensuality, my hottest and wildest parts… He he… As a woman I just felt like expressing myself and showing how beautiful a woman’s body is and that we should appreciate what we have. Dominic C ‘s amazing, as he’s brought out my sensuality and made me comfortable from my first naked shoot. He’s friendly, polite and at the moment he is the best.
When Dominic offered me to pose naked, I doubted I would accept. I was a bit afraid, shy, and, since it would be my first time, I thought I would feel nervous too. But I asked my other 2 model friends if they wanted to join the photo-shoot project (it was held in Bali) and, surprisingly, they also felt like trying something new, so I was more confident and secure. I accepted the offer, but first, I looked at all the nude photo projects on Dominic’s Facebook, and wow… all his photos were awesome! I was curious how if I’m on that frame? So I accepted his offer. Besides, my first impression was that Dominic is a professional photographer. After the photo-shoot, I felt more confident, more feminine, I felt sexy and happy with myself. Sometimes I feel not confident and pity myself, as I have  ‘petite boobs’. But Dominic really knew how to make me feel like a real women, he built my self-confidence, and he helped me to open my eyes. Yes! I’m beautiful & I’m sexy! Dominic is a very professional photographer, and he is a kind and caring person (with all the models who work with him). He is a funny guy too! I mean he is fun to be with. I indeed think that, through fine visual art, people can see the ultimate beauty of a woman, especially the exoticism of Asian women. And Dominic also helped me shape my beauty and my femininity in some way. Now, I know that the purpose of displaying my gorgeous body in front of a camera is to show that we are beautiful women in every single way, and each woman is unique. There are a lot of hidden secrets in every woman ‘smile, their sex appeal, their fantasies. And of course the purpose to pose naked is also to feel free, wonderful, confident, and that I am a woman -God’s best creation. Sensuality is focusing on the physical enjoyment of the body. There’s a time and place to be sensual. Turn it on-turn it off! Femininity is about being free. We can still dress in pants and be feminine. We can still wear tailored suits and be feminine. We can still wear jeans, army pants, hoodies, whatever – and be feminine. Being feminine is about who you are from the inside. And seduction is how I teach men that women are beautiful. So yes, of course I feel beautiful, voluptuous and gorgeous.
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